Pulsar Audio Smasher and 1178 crash Cubase when bypassing with plugin window closed

I’ve discovered what appears to be a bug with Cubase 11.0.41. I don’t know if the issue happens with 11.0.40 or 11.0.30 since I went straight from 11.0.20 to the latest, but I can at least confirm it doesn’t happen with 11.0.20.

To recreate, simply load either the Pulsar Audio Smasher or the 1178 on an audio track, close the plugin window, and then hit bypass on the plugin from either the mixconsole or the inspector. If an admin wants, I can give the crash log this generates.


Could you attach the crash/dmp file, please?

Cubase 64bit 2021.10.22 (680.7 KB)


This is the call stack:


So the crash is in the plug-in. Please get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Any particular reason it works in 11.0.20 and not 11.0.41?

Confirmed, I did not test older cubase versions. But I have both vst2.4 and vst3 installed and only vst3 has the issue.