Pultec EQP-1A Frequency boost Bug

Set my plugin to a frequency of 10khz and boosted by 7db on two guitar tracks. Close the project and reopen it. The Pultec plugin will appear graphically to be on 7db again, however sonically it has reverted to the default of 5db, I figured this because I realized it didn’t sound quite as bright as should have. I moved the knob with the mouse slightly and I heard it jump back to 7db. This has happened with every project I have used it in, it’s not a one-off glitch for me.


Hi haloinreverse,
I found, that the bandwidth changes after a change of sample rate or block size.
Touching the Bandwidth, Boost, High Boost Free knobs recovers the original value.
I’ll make an entry into our bug base.

I couldn’t reproduce exactly what you described, though. Saving a project and loading again doesn’t change any settings here.


I’m running at 64 bit floating point 96kHz try it at those settings. Maybe that’s the difference?