Punch Feature question

Greetings all, I just migrated from Logic and Pro Tools, I was an early Nuendo user and want to ask if I’m using the auto punch feature correctly.

Setting up punch points is pretty straight forward but, I find on listening to a playback the recording gets erased as long as the tracks are record armed…is this correct?

Is there any setting that allows punch recording to record only when I ask it to?..and not on playback?




This is just a different philosophy from Logic/Pro Tools. Cubase jumps to the Record Mode, once you reach the Punch In Marker (on all Arm Recorded tracks). If you don’t want to record, disable Punch In Marker. There is a Preferences > Record > Deactivate Punch In on Stop, which does it for you automatically, once you stop the Record/Playback.

Thank you, also getting used to not having to press record when punch is activated…just pressing play will punch in, that’s new as well.

Thx for the preference tip!


Yes, this is how it works in Cubase since ever.