Punch I/O Mode - Behavior

Is there any logical explanation of why after punching out an audio channel Cubase stops recording in the background.

The perfect Punch behavior would be:

Transport starts to roll, the computer starts to record from PLAY position
Punch-In - Adds the audio to the current playlist
Punch-Out - Stops adding the audio to the playlist
Transport is still rolling and Cubase still records in the background til the user Stops the take.

With this behavior, the user will be able to peel back the beginning and the end of the file.

Pretty Much Quick Punch Mode in Protools.

Are there any logical reason it should ?
I would not want any recording going on, that I can’t see.

The only plausible reason for Cubase no to record the entire take from Play to Stop would be to save Hard Drive space, which makes no sense whatsoever.
Having audio pre and post-recorded allow the user to adjust the cross-fades for more precise and cleaner punches.
This way the user is allowed to save the take even if it was played too early or too late.
Not having the post-recording can be dangerous and could kill an amazing take because musicians tend to keep playing even after the punch was finalized.
After everything is done, export your session timeline to a new location and copy only the files on your timeline and preventing unwanted takes ended up in your client’s hands.
I hope that clarifies why this feature could be a great addition to the upcoming releases.