Punch in after using time stretch

I have used time stretch to hit markers. That creates multiple tempo changes during the video. I’d like to punch in at a marker with or record there but moving the cursor a bar backwards gives me that tempo and not the marker. Is there something in metronome or count off that would allow me to hear the new tempo in count off before it begins to record? Not sure if I’m explaining this correctly.
I’m using cubase 11 pro.

I think you mean Count-in, this doesn’t move the Cursor backwards as with Pre Roll, and you instead only hear the metronome click for the specified number of bars before it starts recording.

Hi @micwarren21 !

If i understand you correctly I have the same desires, the following is awkward but it works, waiting for someone to follow up with a better approach!

  1. in the section you need a warm up/count off for: record audio of a bar or two of tempo-sync’d midi click, or drum sticks hitting, or snare hits etc
  2. cut that audio and drag it left so it ends at the first near of the section you need a warm up/count off for
  3. There’s your warm up/count off!

You can mute what’s in the bar or two that you dragged the warm up/count off audio into if it’s too confusing to hear two tempos at once.

I hope that addresses what you are looking for!

Sorry for the late response. I appreciate you trying to help. I was talking about changing tempos at markers. Playing track before punch in doesn’t help becuase the previous measures are in a different tempo. Again, thanks

Necessity is the Mother of invention. Was outside having coffee when I came up with the same solution. Not very elegant, but will definitely help me out.
Thanks again for your response.
Michael Warren

I understand, in that case you shouldn’t be using AudioWarp, nor Sizing Applies Time Stretch, but instead turn on Musical Mode on your Event and use Warp Grid (musical events follow). That way it creates new tempo nodes every time the grid is manipulated, and when you use Pre-Roll, Count-In, or Punch In, the metronome will click properly.

I agree, as promised - not very elegant!

I will sometimes mute the existing “real” music in the lead-in bars, and temporarily replace them with some chords (played ar the tempo of the subsequent bars, and to be deleted later) - helpful if there is a chord change across the “transition”.

I understand my terminology on that last paragraph is imprecise, LMK if it’s too unclear and I’ll try harder. :smiley: