punch in/audio drop out issue with cubase 7

Hey all, this is my first post here (because in all my years of using cubase I never had an issue I couldnt solve on my own! till now…), But I’m really hoping to get an answer to help fix my issue…

first off ive been using cubase since version 4 in my studio. Ive gone through most of the upgrades. 5 then 5.5 then 6 then 6.5 and now 7 and in an attempt to fix this issue I even installed the 7.1 beta update.
Since i’ve upgraded to 7, I get a small gap in the record enabled track’s playback when I punch in.

So when im playing back a tune and i do a punch in, the record enabled track’s audio drop out between the playback of the old performance and the punch in. The audio drop seems to last around 1 second, and then the tracks being recorded jump in and plays back normally. The other non record enabled tracks in my session keep playing back fine even throughout the gap.

has anyone encountered this issue or something similar?
my 6.5 never did this and it’s installed on the same computer with no hardware changes.
I have asio guard turned off, but I was wondering if there could there be a setting that was changed when I upgraded somehow? Any ideas? I know i could revert back to 6.5, but the truth is that I really like cubase 7 and would prefer to keep using it if possible. Could find anything online about this, so im pretty sure you are my only hope. thanks in advance, Danny


I would think it might also make a difference what audio interface you are using and at what latency (though I would assume it’s the same in 6.5)?

Constrain Delay Compensation on?

I don’t have this issue using auto punch.
I have ASIO Guard on.

Already on the issues list: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=179&t=30968