Punch-in bug report

I stumbled across two bugs this morning whilst recording some guitar in Cubasis.

This is the first one:

  1. I moved the ‘L’ locator to the point that I wanted to punch in at.

  2. I moved the play cursor back to a few bars before the point that I wanted to punch in at.

  3. I pressed play.

  4. While the track was playing I armed ‘punch in’

  5. I pressed record

  6. I recorded my guitar part

When I’d finished, I pressed stop, and the region that should have been recorded was frozen with the ‘recording’ symbol swirling round, as if it was still recording. I could highlight the region, but all the usual tabs such as ‘erase’ we’re still greyed out.

The only way I could get things back to normal was to quit Cubasis and reopen it. Then the problem had disappeared, and so had the audio I had hoped to record.

I am aware that I should have really armed ‘punch in’ and then pressed record from the stop position, rather than arming it and switching from play to record while the track was playing, but this should still work.

I hope you can locate and squash this bug. Many thanks.