Punch in not working

When I had the trial, punch in worked. Now that I’ve paid, it is not the same. I put punch and punch out. I have the metronem set for 2 measure count in. I set the track to record, with the cursor at the left locator/punch in position. I press play. No coun-in, starts recording. Instead I try pressing *&. Same thing, no count in, starts recording. what is wrong?

This is probably the problem : why setting the cursor at the punch-in position ? Here, the punch-in always work, no matter the count in setting : in example, if I set the punch-in point at [] and count in at 2 bars, the recording will start at [], even if the project cursor was previously set at [] : in this case, the count in is partially skipped.

You mean * only ? By default, this is the Record shortcut, not the Play one, so, using it, the recording starts immediatly, no matter the punch-in position.

So how is the 2 bar metronome count in supposed to work? And if the song started at 0, then you would just have to press play or record and play the notes simultaneously?

The metronome count in acts as a kind of delay on the Record button. If you have a 2 bars count in, when pressing Record, there will be a delay equivalent of 2 bars of time, before the record actually starts.

The punch-in acts differently, as it starts the recording, not after a delay, but at a predefined position on the project timeline.

Beside this, you can always move any event/part recorded on the timeline, if needed. At last, there is also the possibility to use the Bar offset setting in the Project > Project Setup window.

After this, it’s up to each of us to choose what is the more efficient for our need. I’m more inclined to use the punch-in, usually, but well, it’s not always the case…

I am just saying that since my trial expired and now I have the paid version installed, count-in that worked either by pressing record or punch in, no longer does. Record starts immediately. I did not have to have the cursor before the punch in, nor offset the start or move the material beyond the zero point.

If so, have you tried to launch Cubase in Safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option ?

I ask this because there is absolutely no difference between the trial and the regular versions : the only difference is in the allowed time of use. So, the explanation isn’t there…

Just want to chime in with a reminder that the Punch record feature would be much more convenient with a absolute commands.

One key to activate punch in/out
Another key to deactivate punch in/out

Metronome setup is what you need:

For lunch recording you just need to press play and it records. You don’t need to press record.

Only record mode allows the count in to be active.

Maybe try pressing record rather than play.

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I rebooted and now it is working correctly, with count in.

Great ! :grinning: