Punch in/ out bugs still in 8.5.10 . PUNCH POINTS NOT TURNIN

Even though its stated that Punch IN/OUT issues are fixed in latest update, the following bug is still there:


  • Lock Punch In/out points checked
  • Activate in/out on transport
  • Record
  • Punch in/out points are still active even after recording, while they should be deactivated after record

Are Lanes or Cycle active?

No, they are not.

Could you be more precise in reporting the problem. I am not 100% sure if I understand youc correctly. What exactly are you doing?


Is it:
Preferences/Record/Deactivate Punch In on stop
That is not working for you ?

Works here.

Trying to be as precise as I can. In a more verbal form then:

The punch in/out points used to work as follows:

  • you could set the punch in to left locator
  • cubase would start to record at that point
  • punch in at left locator would after that be turned of automatically
  • instead, now, the punch in point is still active.

Peakae, thanks for tip. It’s not quite. I want the punch in to be active even if I stop, but as long as I haven’t pasted the punch in point. At that point the punch in should be deactivated.

Is this any clearer?