Punch in/out, Foot control, SX3

With Cubase SX3, how do I :question:

[ can I :question: ]

set up a foot/pedal control that operates the record/pause button instead of the mouse. [ So I can operate from a distance from the pc ]

If I can what do I need, … a foot pedal with a momentary switch??

Is there any help documentation on this, I looked but was not able to find anything.

Generic remote

I’ve given some thought to this, but have been satisfied enough with the SX3 pre-roll, and that other control on the transport bar that I didn’t pursue the foot pedal.

Have you tried those options? Set those things, hit record, it jumps back 3 or 4 bars (whatever you tell it to), plays, and then starts recording where you want it to.

Please let us know how you get on with the foot pedal thing …


Since posting this morning I have come across this product. I am going to email them and see if it works with Cubase.

Not sure what the other characters reply about “generic remote” is supposed to mean.

You´ll probably find out, when you intend to use the logidy (or any other MIDI devices) to control certain functions of Cubase… - RTM

I have no idea what a generic remote is or a RTM for that matter.

If you want to be helpful at least explain, something like; ‘you need a product with x features and you need to do y in cubase to make it work’, or, ‘no’ cubase does not support this.

However if you know the answer to the question I asked but don’t want to share a reasonable and helpful answer then why bother writing anything at all.

I think the question is fairly reasonable, especially for someone who has come from a hardware environment.

I like this Frontier Design Group

On a long USB lead and has a jack for a foot switch

A more helpful reply may have been;

In Cubase

go to Devices->Device Setup

look for an entry

Remote Devices->Generic Remote

If it doesnt exist;

Click the + on the top left and select “Generic Remote” from the menu.

[this adds the folder ‘Remote Devices’ and sub entry ‘Generic Remote’]

Configure this for a midi capable, or midi->usb capable hardware switching device that attaches to the pc.

Obviously you figured it out on your own.
Apart from that, be assured, that I will decide myself, on how much of my time I can or want to spent when and for what reason. I mean you could also have been more thankful at least to split´s reply… :unamused: