Punch in/out missery - BIG furstration

Been looking around this forum, and honestly see not much about the punch in out system they’ve implemented.
There is no way to go back to the old one that actually worked totally perfectly.

I’ve submitted multiple posts on the bugs in the implementation:

And the default is set to the new feature every time I start a new project

It even reverts to this setting without notice!!

Anybody els having isssues with this?

Please help me getting some sort of reachtion from Steinberg on ths!

Save a template the way you want it. The existing templates use the new process. The new system isn’t a bug it’s a godsend. It’s been needed for years. All you have to do is nothing and it won’t turn on and behaves the way it did before.

Jmceil, I don’t quite get it.
If I make a new template with punch in/ out set to locators, Cubase still forgets that setting on reopening the project or mid work without notice. Also as punch in is not automatically deactivated after record (the way it used to) There is no othe conclusion to this than it being buggy and not by design.

The other conclusion is that you don’t know what you are doing :wink:

If you set the option in the transport menu to “Lock Punch Points to Locators”. You’ll never see the punch points separately again. It saves with the project, so you can add that setting to your templates.

If you set this setting in preferences, Input will work the way it used to.

Setting this combo makes it work the old way. Although if you understood the mechanics you should find independant punch points much better for just about every possible scenario.