Punch in/out & monitoring

I’m diving into the control room (finally) and slowly getting somewhere.
Must say things are not too inuitive, while I’m a long time user…
But my problem is the monitoring. Before controlroom issues this also happened.
Since I switched from Cubase 5 to 10, in fact, I think.
Now on direct monitoring, as I use the UR824.
I CAN get the mic (direct mon) audible on headphones, with cue mix etc.
but with ‘speaker / monitor’ on the channel switched on, direct monitoring
is audible, but the pre-recorded version NOT…
And visa versa: speaker off will make pre recorded version audible, but
NOT the monitoring when punched in…

I suspect the solution is very simple, but I overlook something…
Hope someone can help out there!
Cheers, Charley

Intended behaviour.
Or are you looking for a way to automatically switch to input monioring on punch in? Thats „tapemachine style“ input monitoring.

Hi Sven,
That’s indeed wat I need! Where to find it…?
Thanks for your reply!

in preferences “VST” naybe? not in Front of computer atm.