Punch In/Out

Trying to do Punch In/Out on a track I’ve already recorded in Cubasis2 to fix a couple of duff notes. I set the L and R point, then set recording mode In and Out. When I start recording, I get the punched in recording, but it doesn’t replace that portion of the track I’m trying to fix. I can hear the new bit, but also the bits I am trying to fix.

Any help appreciated as this is drivibg me mad.


Hi TimRyland,

Thanks for your message.

For now, this is the intended behaviour for audio recordings.
We might change this for future updates.



OK, thanks for the quick response. I’ve only just started using Cubasis, and apart from this I love it so far. I’ll continue to do my base recordings in my current DAW,but then move them to Cubasis for post production as it’s far better at this.

Many Thanks,

Thanks for your feedback, Tim!
We’re glad to hear you love Cubasis so far, greatly appreciated… :slight_smile: