Punch-In/Punch-Out Problem

Hi All,
Today when using 10.0.3, something came up for the first time while using the punch-in feature.
I usually use the left and right locators to p-in and p-out but a different set of p-in/p-out points appeared that was independent of the left/right locators. It was a red range on the bar ruler on top. I enabled the view on the bottom where it showed those punch bar numbers but I was unable to change those numbers by clicking on them as I have in the locator numbers. Now, I physically had to click and drag the left and right red arrows on top to align them where I needed but didn’t have the accuracy that typing in the numbers gave me. Besides, I prefer to just use the left/right locators. I couldn’t find where to disable those other punch points. Any thoughts on where to do that?
Thought it might be a new feature in C10 so I went back to C9.5 but it followed me there. Has this feature been there all along and I’m just now finding it?
Thanks for your thoughts.


You should have a padlock symbol next to the L/R locator positions. That will lock the punch points to your L/R. You can also reach it in the menu: Transport -> Locators -> Lock Punch Points to Locators.

The idea with the new function is that you could have your punch I/O independent from your L/R, and you will have other key commands to set them up. I don’t use this personally, I’m so used to the L/R as I/O since ages back, but I can see it coming in handy for other users.

Interesting though that you can’t adjust them by clicking in the bar! Maybe a bug?

This is an alternate approach, but you might find it less hassle / error prone.

I haven’t done punch ins since I moved from tapes & ADATs to DAWs. These days if I want to punch in a section on track 1, I just record a new take of that section on track 2 and then comp them together.

I think for a lot of us who came from the days of tape, we bring those habits with us and operate on automatic pilot rather than reconsidering our workflow. I know I did, anyway. Just as I don’t need a razor blade to do editing, I find the concept of punch in / out to be equally unnecessary.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the punch in / out approach, but you might try multitracking / comping to see if that turns out to be a better workflow for you.

Thanks for clarifying that! I did see the padlock but thought it was for locking in the L/R bar numbers.
I can see the advantage for having independent punch points but it hasn’t been worked into my work flow yet.

Yes, tried clicking on the punch point numbers to change them but they didn’t respond. Could be a bug but I’ll check it out again next time in. So far, all my CB versions have been bug free.

Hi Chris,
If I’m recording alone, doing vocals or guitar parts, I generally use punches so I can layer multiple takes of the same pass. I then use the best take(s) and cut and merge where needed. I record the takes stacked on the same track, then when I’m done, I spread them out on consecutive tracks to listen to each. So basically, we’re doing the same thing.
It’s quickest for me to just hit “1” for the left locator, then hit play between takes. Same procedure if I mess up and need to restart.
Thanks or chiming in.

No worries, man. There’s a dozen ways to accomplish pretty much anything, which is great for individual workflows.