Punch in punch out short cut

Occasionally on projects I accidentally bring up a small punch in out window.

Once it’s open I cant shut it because I dont know the key stroke I accidentally hit… anyone know what it is? - it isn’t in the key commands window.


I Auto Punch In
O Auto Punch Out

No it’s an actual window that opens and I can drag around with the punch in and punch out times…

A bit like the panner window that appears when you alt double click on a panner - but with no window controls
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 16.37.18.png

Haven’t seen this one before. Maybe you can drag it back to the fixed or floating transport panel? Or maybe something in the setup options of the panel that can control this behavior? I’m not at my studio at the moment so I can’t check myself.

F2 maybe?

I’d go to Key Commands and search for “punch” to try & find it. :wink:

Yeah I did that…

I think it tends to happen when I slip pressing the keystrokes for showing/removing the sampler or vst panes.

Is it a bug maybe - On reloading the project the it’s disappeared so I can’t fiddle with removing it. Next time it happens I’ll give it another go :laughing:

If it happens to pop up, go immediately to the key commands and it should be selected ?

ah ok I’ll try that.

I just had this today - nothing will make it go away…

This is only on 9.0.30?

No, I’m on 9.0.20.

I think so too - looks like one module of floating toolbar.
Rightclick bring up setup menu normally if that is the case.

They changed something in maintenance regarding virtual keyboard as I recall, so it also open floating toolbar - and people were advised to strip that down to VK only to have that back.

So seems to be some overlap in functionality of modules of floating toolbar.
Alt-K always bring up floating toolbar - it used to be virtual keyboard separately.

It’s shift plus ‘o’ or ‘p’ depending on what you’ve pressed originally.

Does it go away if you press Enter, or focus it, enter a value and then press Enter?

i have seen this …i think if you enter a value then hit enter it goes away