Punch-in's New MIDI recording overlaps with Adjacent Take


I have a MIDI track recorded up to measure 46 ( with time signature 4/4) where I’d like to re-record from The recording mode is set to ‘Replace’. Next, I record midi notes right from there say to measure 48. However, when I stop it, a new MIDI part will be created from the beginning of measure 45 ( first two bars of shaded with slanted line). Please see the screen shot:

Of course, I can take a selection tool and drag the beginning of the new part to But this is not convenient, if I have several re-recordings. How can I have cubase to just create a take right from the punch in point, without overlap?


Disable Preferences > Record > MIDI > Snap MIDI Parts to Bars.

Thank you very much. I looked for it last night. I wish there was a search box in Preferences just like settings in iPhone and Android!