punch log locked

Hi guys
I had search in the manual and in the forums but i don’t know why my punch log list is locked (there is a little padlock next to the punchlog title in the automation window)
I’ve search in every setup and preferences menus…
don’t know where it comes from.
so please any help would be great.
thanks a lot

The list shouldn’t be locked. That padlock is just an icon and doesn’t do anything. If you draw an imaginary column below that padlock you can click to check/uncheck each punch log to prevent it from being overwritten.

:smiley: Okay okay!!!
so strange there was probably a problem with it because there was no punchlogs in the list.
despite the fact that i was making a lot of punches of automations.
now it works on my nuendo i have to check at the studio.
Thanks a lot likely story

I am currently experiencing this same problem. I’m on Nuendo 7.1.35.

No matter what I do I can not get anything to show up in the punch log. I can get a preview/punch on play operation to work but nothing will show up as an entry in the punch log. The punch log shows the padlock on. I have tried clicking and drawing in the imaginary column. The operation manual is of little help. There is no mention in the manual about a puch log lock. Is it possible I have a corrupt file?

Any help would be appreciated.


I tested out the preview punch on play operation in a different project file and it was working. I can see the check boxes and that was working too.

I went back to my current project and now it’s working. Weird… Oh well it’s working now. Nevermind

I just had this happen yesterday, had to close and reopen the session to get punches to reappear. john.