Punch out recording needs fixing

I recorded a simple loop through IAA with the app Samplr, and used record punch out to get a clean loop, and when I did it recorded ever so slightly beyond the end of the bar. This became a problem because I then went to edit the loop by adding a small fade in and fade out to prevent audio clicks (which in when I noticed this problem, because like I say it’s just an ever so slight bit of audio added on), and even with the fades the audio would then click upon looping.

I was able to somehow extend the audio editor beyond the loops edge to reach the extra bit of audio, and then fade out again which removed the clicks when looping, but this seems like it’s something that needs fixing.

Obviously I’d like to be able to get a perfectly trimmed loop when using punch out recording, without the extra little fraction of audio. I can post a screenshot if needed (not using my iPad at the moment). Again the app used was Samplr through IAA into Cubasis, and I started at the beginning of the timeline and used punch out recording with a few bars length.

This is turning out to be a minor bug, which only seemed like a bigger problem because I was struggling with the editor.

Bottom line is though, punch out recording doesn’t give you perfectly trimmed loop, and instead adds on a small bit of audio. I had the snap setting set to “bar” and it still went a little bit past the bar.

The end result is an extra editing step where you have to trim the audio, so yeah like I say it’s a minor bug.



As you can see, a four bar loop goes slightly into the 5th bar.

This really needs fixing.

The problem exists with midi too.

I tried recording midi in from the midi controller StepPolyArp, using punch out recording, and it always adds notes past the punch out point.

For example, I try to record two bars of midi, and it records slightly past it into the third bar.

Defeats the purpose of punch out recording.

Please fix! I want to like Cubasis, but stuff like this makes it difficult to like. :angry: