Punch out with Mackie control

I’m using TouchDAW on an Android phone as a Mackie control to control Cubase 6 transport from the room next door to the computer. It works well except for punch out. When I asked I was told “There is no Punch Out in Cubase’s Mackie implementation”. Is that right? Why would that be? And is there a way to add it?


So what, “generic remote” or “Mackie controll”?
I can punch in and out in Cubase with Mackie control protocol and bcf 2000.
And I can see “punch out” in the list of available generic remote actions.

Thanks. Good point. For some reason I seem to have equated the two. It’s Mackie and I’ve edited my post.
So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. I see you’re using 5 but can’t imagine it broke in 6. I’ll take it back to Humatic.

Is this definitely Mackie control and not Mackie HUI? He makes a fair point that Remote_Control_Devices.pdf (page 31) only mentions punch in (not out) for Mackie Control (“Press the Punch button to switch automatic Punch In on or off in your program”) and there’s only one punch button on the template. I’d like to be sure of my ground before asking them to make a change.

You should have mentioned you´re talking about “auto punch out”.
I was talking about manual punch out.