Punch Pedal and looping

I am trying to figure out how to use a sustain pedal as a punch in punch out pedal. Any ideas?

Not sure if this is possible, but I would like to be able to use a pedal to punch in and out and also would be really sweet if I could move to different tracks.

Say I record something on track 1.

I punch out

Then is starts recording on track 2

and so on…

I know Ableton can do this, not sure if I can on Cubase.

Aloha D,

Sounds like it should be a simple thing to do so
after reading your post I went thru and I
could not find out how to do this anywhere
in the entire manual. (tho’ I may have missed it)

I did find a way to use your pedal to trigger a kik drum,
but no way to turn on or off the record function using a pedal.

Perhaps another user knows how to do this in Cubase.


So I have figured this out. I created a generic remote.

Now I have two pedals one I use as a sustain and the other I wanted to use as a start stop pedal.

So I clicked Learn and tapped my pedal that is i my expression pedal input.

Then chose the transport function and clicked on Start under Value/Action

Nothing happened…

Until I Clicked the Receive button on the Flag Menu. Then it worked YES!!

However, I noticed a couple bugs.

So, I have gotten all my transports to work, stop, play, record, etc. I am using an AKAI MPK88

Record button works and the precount begins to click when I use my transport record button.

But… When I press the foot pedal to record- the precount does not work. It just records right away. (Kind of annoying) I set up my footpedal to record

Then I thought, hey what if I create a start stop button with the pedal. NOPE

There is no way to start and stop using the same pedal. I basically want the pedal to act as a space bar. And I can’t get this to happen. Pretty annoying. I can start it, but can’t stop it. I tried to set up start. and stop remotes using the same pedal. Can’t figure it out. Maybe with the use of flags? I will experiment some more

I could not Get start and stop on the same pedal to work. Any ideas?