Punch red cursor in the ruler

How can I disable these red triangle cursors in the ruler?

You can’t really “disable” them. They show where punch in and punch out occur. You can deactivate punch in and punch out by pressing “I” and “O” respectively on the computer keyboard. That should make them go away.

Perfect, thanks !

Well, kinda…

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Yep, that’s how I work too. With the punch points locked to the left and right locator.

Thanks for your answers. For some reasons I never use the punch fonction when I record something. What are the benefits of punch recording over regular recording (ie setting the left locator where I want to record and hit stop when I’m finished) ?

It depends on how you’re used to work.

What happens when you activate punch in and punch out is: You just press play, and then when the cursor reaches the punch in position, RECORD will be engaged, and ANY tracks that have been Record Enabled will commence recording. When the cursor reaches the punch out position, recording will stop. Depending on preferences, the project will keep on playing or stop.

I mostly use it to correct very small passages in the middle of otherwise good takes, but that’s not very often.

I see , but I don’t feel the need to add that to my workflow.
Thanks for your answer anyway :wink:

Well…you asked!