"Punch & Roll"" ??

Cubase Elements 6.0.2 build 291, Win 7 SP 1.

I’m working with long recording sessions and need to incorporate a ‘real time’ editing method I’ve heard of called ‘Punch & Roll’. I have the concept down, but the last step in the process isn’t working for me. I’m sure I’m doing something incorrectly, but I can’t figure out what.


  1. Press the asterisk, * on NumPad, to begin recording.
  2. Press the zero, 0 on NumPad, to stop recording so I can take a break.
  3. Press the asterisk to begin recording again.
  4. I make a mistake, so I stop the recording (0 on NumPad), and hit CNTL-Z to undo the last portion I’ve recorded (back to were I started in #3).
  5. I need to return to the same place I started recording in #3, so I hit SHIFT-B, which will either take me to the last Mark or back to 0.

My problem is that #5 is always taking me back to 0, not the last ‘mark’. My guess is that I haven’t actually “marked” the point I started recording at #3, so it doesn’t know where I want it to go.

How do I set a ‘mark’ between steps 2 and 3 so that any Undo and Back I perform takes me to the Mark, not back to zero? Preferably via a keyboard shortcut.

Hopefully the question makes sense. Thanks in advance!


CTL + NUM 1-9 creates a new marker (or just use INSERT), and you go there by using SHIFT + NUM 1-9. Or just use CTL + NUM 1 repeatedly in your workflow.

You can assign shortcuts to move to the previous or next marker as well, that might be easier than shift+number key.