Punching in with Footswitch

When I use the footswitch to punch in/out, there’s a considerable delay. I hit the footswitch, and a half second later it finally begins recording. Same with hitting it again to stop recording. Using the record button with my finger starts and stops it instantaneously. Is there a way to make this work better? I wouldn’t think a different footswitch would make a difference. It’s frustrating because one of the main reasons I bought the CC121 was to be able to punch in with the footswitch.

Never mind, I discovered that my footswitch closes the circuit when I take my foot OFF the switch. So I just need to get the right footswitch (mine is not switchable).

UPDATE !!! I plugged the sustain pedal from my keyboard into the CC121, and it works right. It has a switch on it to switch between PS10 and PS 15. PS10 is backwards for the CC121, and PS 15 is the correct setting. My little switch is just PS 10, so I’ll replace it with a PS15 type pedal. :smiley: