Punctuation Symbol Alignment Issues in Chinese Lyrics

Hi Dorico team,

When typing Chinese characters for lyrics, whenever I need to input fullwidth punctuation symbols at the end of each sentence, the alignment to notes would be off. Dorico consider both the final character and the punctuation symbol as two characters. I currently need to make all characters in lyrics left aligned then add some horizontal offset to make them look right. I don’t encounter this issue in Musescore. Musescore seem recognizes the fullwidth punctuation symbols just like in English. So the Chinese characters in Musescore still center aligned to notes correcty. Is there a better way to solve this? Not sure if I missed any correct way. If not, I hope Dorico can treat those commonly used fullwidth Chinese punctuation symbols better in future versions so I don 't have to manually left align and add offset to every characters in lyrics everytime. That would be great!

Characters like:
$FF0C: ,
$3002: 。
$3001: 、
$FF1F: ?
$FF1B: ;
$FF1A: :
$FF01: !

and some more…

Below is how I do as a workaround to this issue.

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Would you be able to attach an example project file that demonstrates the problem?

Hi Richard,

Yes! Attached is one Chinese hymn that has this issue and you can see form the project file how I currently deal with it.

001 頌讚獨一真神 - 2024-03-24.dorico (1.1 MB)

Just aslo for reference that Finale has a setting for ignoring syllable edge punctuation symbols for alignment. Maybe Dorico can add similar control or have a more elegant and convenient way so users using other languages, especiallly CJK characters for lyrics, can have a better and more flexible way to get good lyrics/notes alignment. Thank you!

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Roger, are you able to send me via private message the font you’re using, so I can be sure I’m seeing the same results as you?

Yes Daniel. I’ve just sent you a private message. Really appreciated your attention on this case!