purchaced mp3 plugin dosn't work


my name is User1974 and i’m an ‘older’ german. i post in english to improve/enhance (?) this language.
i’m sorry, if you have more work with this. really!

my program is Cubase LE AI Elements 8 64bit and i get the licence with my yamaha moxf.
it runs on windows 7 64bit with all security updates.
steinberg- and yamaha-software are also updated incl. all drivers.

my own favorite fileformat is flac, but some people want mp3.
i don’t know why, but so it is.

i purchaced the “Steinberg MP3 Upgrade Patch” at the online shop.
after downloading i’m installed the plugin. in think the installation runs 2 times.
once for 32bit and once for 64bit. im not shure, but i think so.
after installing the elicencer open automatically and i copy the key and confirm.

the elicencer runs and do, what ever they do. it end’s with no alterts.

so i start cubase and will mixdown a file as mp3. but there ist only the same flac, ogg, aiff and co.
there is no mp3. ok… i’ve had a problem.

so i searched in cubase and found in the menu bar \devices\plugin-informations (in german Geraete\PlugIn-Informationen) \audio-codec-plugins the same codecs but no mp3.

i verified my installation, ich checked my e-mails and restart my computer (grrr nasty ms win7 :slight_smile:).

what can i do now?


ps. please help to find a solution for my problem and and help me also to handle this language. thx.

what a stupid ‘old’ man…
i found the solution by myself. i opend my eyes :astonished:
… doesn’t found mp3, 'cause i found mpeg1 layer 3 file argghhh :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem, but I don’t see mpeg1 Layer 3 file. I installed the MP3 Upgrade Patch, activated it, but nothing have changed.