purchase cubase 10.5 Elements HELP..

i want to purchase cubase elements 10.5
for windows 10.

i will only be using it on one pc. do I need eLicence?
can I purchase it from Amazon or download from steinberg?

what is the price? I see on steinberg it is £85.00
is this correct??

help would be great
thank you

Yes, you do

You can purchase it from wherever you want

Obviously depends on where you are located…

Why would they post it on their site, if it wasn´t… ?

very abrupt?
I read that you only need an eLicence if you intend to use it on more than one pc?

Then what you read was wrong, you read wrongly, or misunderstood what you read.
If you want to use it on more than one PC at the same time, you need an additional (i.e. 2nd) license.

You need a Cubase license, which is handles by the eLicenser - “USB eLicenser” for Cubase Pro and artist “soft elicenser” for Cubase Elements, LE and AI. What you seem want to ask is, if you need a USB eLicenser? No - Elements runs with a soft eLicenser.

Part of my question which is about cubase elements 10.5, was do I need an eLicence. I read that you do not need one if you only intend to use it on one pc.
nowhere did I mention any other cubase versions.
so your answer “yes you need an eLicence” for other versions was no use to me.
i am talking only of ELEMENTS…

Elements needs an soft-eLicense even if used on only 1 computer.

You seem to confuse eLicenser with the hardware dongle.

Yes, you always need eLicenser Control Center, a software to download and control your license.

Then the license itself can be either software based (Soft-eLicenser, stored on your computer disc), or hardware based (USB-eLicenser / stored in a USB-dongle).

For Elements you just need to download a Soft-eLicenser to your computer disc.
No, you don’t need a hardware dongle (USB-eLicenser).