purchase of groove agent in the worst timing possible

Hi, I am writing hoping to be able to let go of this acidity I got from the consequences of buying groove agent 3 in the worst timing possible. I bought this vst instrument few months before the release of mountain lion os (I think that was the mac upgrade). Then there were no upgrade from the part of steinberg forcing me to wait until groove agent 4. I already felt betrayed because I just lost the almost 400$ that groove agent just cost me. So I banned steinberg from my working tools and just now I got curious of the price of groove agent 4 and realized that the upgrade is the same price from GA 2 and GA 3. I used the instrument for may be 6 month and spent 400$ for it, now that the upgrade is available they reduce the value of my purchase to GA 2, that’s the worst experience of disrespect I got as a costumer.

Problem is Mountain Lion and not the upgrade price of GA. It is impossible to have an upgrade plan that considers every case. There has always been and will always be upgrades that unfortunately puts people in this situation. I am in the same position as you when it comes to Mountain Lion. I regret upgrading from Snow. What is more unfortunate is that GA4 is not at all the same product as GA3. It is not an “upgrade” but a totally different drum software. GA 4 should not have been given the same name. Many people are pissed as they thought they were buying an upgrade.