Purchase UR816c or Focusrite scarlett 18i20?

I use CB 11 on a PC. My main need is for line inputs (8 would be best). the music I write is instrumental. No need for mic inputs.
Any suggestions?

The DSP features of the 816c are nice, but might not be of interest to your usage model.
Both will give you similar end results.
Consider the slight ergonomic differences (connector placement) and how they match your work environment.
Focusrite gives more free plugins and is a bit cheaper…
I would probably choose based on wether you will use the 816c DSP latency-free monitoring features, or not.

Considering this is a Steinberg forum… it would be interesting hearing from Steinberg sales folks on this excellent question.

Thanks for your reply. I read review that said there were issues using Focusrite gear with Cubase 11 on a Pc.
So I finally decided on the UR816c only to find they’re backordered.

Mmmm… not a big surprise, about everything is backordered these days… :confused:
Good luck…

I really enjoy my 816c. It’s a great choice. The onboard DSP were a selling point for me and have proven to be an excellent tool in my studio. Having the signal a singer hears in their headphones be compressed while leaving the recorded signal untouched has been fantastic.
I hope you get yours before too long!

I did buy the UR816c, and am quite happy with it.