Purchased C12, got no e-mail confirmation and Download access code

Hello everybody!
I just bought an upgrade of C12 (From C11) via Paypal. Got confirmation of the payement via
Paypal, but didn´t get any confirmation from Steinberg, let alone a Download Access Code.
Can anyone help please?


It can take a few minutes.

Ok, thanks Oqion!
Still weird though that I didn´t even get a confirmation of the purchase. It´s been more than 2
hours now…

Just log into your Steinberg store account. You’ll see all your purchases

Thanks Wickham!
Where can I find my Steinberg Store Account?
According to Cubase Download Assistant I only see C11 Pro on My Product Downloads.
It still looks like my purchase isn´t received yet by Steinberg.
Do you have any more ideas?

Thanks Oqion, I´m trying this right now.
Will keep you posted.


Ok, tried your suggestion. It says “no Licence Found”. When I click help it says I have to
enter the Download access Code, which I haven´t received. So I have no Licence code nor an elicencer-licence.
It´s still strange I did not even get a purchase e-mail from Steinberg…

I think the only way to get to the Steinberg store account is to go through the motions of purchasing something until it brings you to the login page. From there you can go to my account without following through with the purchase and you’ll be able to access where your already purchased products are.

If you are still having issues with updating to Cubase 12, please let us know here: Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th - #2