Purchased CH and TP

I have a strong “Don’t Buy” policy about buying hardware from Steiny based on pathetic past performance in supporting their branded hardware products. However, at this price point I can’t see how this is a bad thing, so I went ahead and bit.

This is EXACTLY what I imagined the control set to look like. This is EXACTLY the form factor I was looking for in a controller set. If the CH and TP work as advertised, the QC will be an immediate addition.

Curses and Kudos for coming up with a product line that even a die hard grump like me can’t turn down :slight_smile:

heh, let’s just hope they don’t disappoint (again?)

I’m very happy with my Steinberg branded midex8 and cc121 btw, just sayin :wink:

Yes, some of us “old” timers have a “policy” which can be justified by past history, :laughing: but you are correct the CC121’s here (x4) havent flinched since I got them, I am just a little disappointed with cmcs, probably by the fact I was expecting a Full Blown multichannel CC121 with a touch screen type of controller…but I hear rumours there may be something a BIT more special in the coming months! Im only disappointed from my own point of view, but I am very happy from my students desktops as these are perfect addons…So fairs fair! :wink: