Purchased cubase 8,5 second hand and I have issues! Please help

Hi there

I bought recently from a guy Cubase pro 8,5

He had it on his Dongle and he is in India

Because I have a Steinberg Dongle I said to him just send me the license

He sent me an activation code and registered it at my Steinberg account but its saying that I registered his dongle id in my account

It says that the license is for Cubase Pro 8,5

When I try to register the license to my dongle by entering activation code it says
“Steinberg Cuabse Pro 8,5 Upgrade for Cubase Pro 8, etc”

Is there something wrong? Because
in my account there is Cubase Pro 8,5

Cubase Pro 8.5
USB-eLicenser ID

Please someone help me

If the license is on the USB eLicenser, it can not be sent. It has to be transferred, and therefore the USB key holding the license and the USB key receiving the license need to be connected to the same computer.

If this activation code had been used already, it is useless.

Hey thank you,

So the only option is that he sends the dongle to me?


Yes. He needs to de-register the license in his MySteinberg Account, so you can register it to your account. And he must send you a USB key with the license on it.