Purchased Cubase Pro 12 - Steinberg Support not responding - VERY DISAPPOINTED

I purchased an upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro over 2 weeks ago,

I encountered an issue with my USB e-Licencer and could not upgrade I have since reached out to support numerous times but no response.

2 weeks after having made my purchase I am still locked out of my product and unable to carry out my duties.

Where can I escalate this issue?

Any reason why you’re not sharing what the specific issue is here on the forum?

I lost my USB e-Licenser a while ago and I was given a new activation code which I used to download Cubase 8.5 Pro back in 2017, I have been using the dongle since but on my Steinberg it has been de-activated and there is no record of my copy of Cubase 8.5 Pro being registered to my name in My Steinberg, so it’s all a big mess at the moment I am not sure what happened on the back-end when I got my re-activation code in 2017 but things had been working fine so I did not realise there was an issue until I purchased the upgrade and could not upgrade due to the dongle being de-activated.

I have since purchased a new dongle but cannot transfer the licence across from the de-activated one and there is no record of Cubase 8.5 Pro being registered to my account which I am extremely concerned about.

It’s hard to understand what you’re saying.

Wait, what? You lost the USB Elicenser, but then you are saying you were using it, and then

Could you please clarify?

Yes sorry it is a little unclear,

I cannot recall if I am using the same (lost but found) dongle or the one I replaced my lost one with, all I know is that the one I am using is de-activated yet it still allows me to access Cubase, hence I had no idea there was even an issue.

Looks like I need this dongle re-activated somehow or I need a new activation code so I can restore Cubase 8.5 Pro to the new dongle which I purchased yesterday,

If you requested Steinberg Zero Downtime, then your original dongle is permanently disabled. If you completed the procedure detailed in the article, then Steinberg Support emailed you activation codes which were meant to be used with a new USB-eLicenser dongle. Please take a look at your old emails to check if you ever completed the procedure.

The final step provides the activation code with which you can store the temporary Steinberg Zero Downtime license on our your spare USB-eLicenser. You will also receive an e-mail, which includes more information and a link to a PDF form. Fill out the form to submit your written request for a permanent replacement of your license(s). Further steps are explained in detail within the e-mail.

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