Purchased Cubase Pro with Japanese credit card and now cannot contact support in English

Please, help!!! I couldn’t find any other way to contact Steinberg’s support other than posting it here.
Here is what happened:
I purchased Cubase Pro 11 using my Japanese bank’s credit card, however my settings were always set to English. Now, as I wanted to contact Steinberg’s support via E-mail, I couldn’t do it, because somehow only Steinberg Support part is set to the Japanese language and cannot be switched to English (see the screenshot below).
Even though, I tried to contact Steinberg from the Japanese page, but there is only a bunch of manuals available.

According to Steinberg’s policy as an Owner of Cubase Pro I am eligible for a support ticket.
Please help me. Thank you.

Have you already tried changing langauge settings in the browser:


There was a thread here which I think is about ithe same thing: changing country and language in My Steinberg - #3 by steve

Are you logged into My Steinberg?: I can see after I log in via that and click Home:

I get a langauge drop down option:


  1. I have tried reaching “support ticket creation page” from different PCs and different browsers (insuring all the settings of both system and browser are set to English).
  2. Yes, I’m logged in and all Steinberg pages beside “support ticket creation” are in English. So, even after browsing through all the website and support pages in English, I am eventually redirected here “https://o.steinberg.net/index.php?id=9075&L=1” and required to create a support ticked from this page, which is only possible in the English version (there is no option to submit a ticket in Japanese version of this block).

So, here you can see how I end up in an endless cycle:

Sorry – sounds bad for you. I clicked on your link and it took me through to the My Support page. Hopefully someone can assist you here.

If I remember correctly, Steinberg themselves only provides support for some European countries (which are listed on the support page). The support page also states that the information on it mainly applies to those countries.

Support for Japan is apparently provided by Yamaha Music Japan. If my mobile phone’s translation is to be trusted, the following page has a link to the support inquiry form: ヤマハ | スタインバーグ製品サポートメニュー - 日本国内でのスタインバーグ製品のサポートについて: 株式会社ヤマハミュージックジャパン

The page does also state that they only provide support in Japanese, though it’s still worth a shot.

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Ok! Thank you.

I have figured out how to quit Steinberg support loop:

  1. If you move to another country, change your country settings in Steinberg’s account.
  2. If you’re abroad but still want to get the support in your language/or of the country of your citizenship: choose the desired country in the settings and use vpn to visit the website.
    ↑ At least. it seems like it worked for me.
    Option 2: As you said, in my case I can contact Yamaha Music Japan for Cubase support in Japanese or give it a try sending them an E-mail in English.

Thank you guys, who replied.

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