Purchased Dorico 4 eLicenser issue

Bought D4 today. I always run a sync and maint before I input an activation code and keep getting this error.

So what does this mean? Is it something on my end or on steinberg’s end? FWIW, latest version of DL Manager updated w/o any issues.

I guess the license server is stressed due to the recent release of Cubase 12 and is therefore temporarily not reachable.

That’s correct - the server for the eLicenser system is currently extremely overloaded.

If what you have bought is a completely new Dorico 4 licence (rather than an upgrade) you don’t need to use the eLicenser Control Center at all - Dorico 4 uses the new Steinberg Licensing system and the app for that is the Steinberg Activation Manager. However, if you are upgrading from a previous Dorico version you will indeed need to run eLCC to confirm that your old license is suitable for the upgrade.