Purchased Halion Sonic 3 over Halion 6

I thought hard about this, but realized there was one extra library in Halion 6 that Sonic 3 did not have and also I’m not into programming samples.
I understand that Halion six has more flexibility’s as far as moving around screens
I thought it was a wise choice when comparing the two.

Alan Russell

Thanks for sharing!

They are two very different things.


You probably should have waited for the next release to purchase. It should be coming along sooner than later.

'tis what it is, I guess.

I still don’t understand the point of your post …

I’ve had a marvelous music career since 1968 arranging for many known people who have come and gone
I enjoy sharing my findings and continue to learn from so many qualified technicians who are using today’s technology.

You may have been misinformed before making your purchase. When you buy HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 is free.

It would have been a better choice from the start. Watch for offers from Steinberg. Sometimes there is an opportunity to purchase an upgrade from Sonic 3 to HAL6 at a great price with more libraries.

But buying the full version of Halion Sonic 3 by itself is cheaper.

Halion Sonic is more than capable as a box of sounds. If you only do light editing, HS3 + one or two expansions is probably more bang for your buck in the short term than buying Halion 6. One can always upgrade to Halion 6 later if they ever start getting into deeper sound design.

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I totally understand that sonic 3 is part of Halion 6 but as a teacher, I qualified for the educational discount for Sonic 3 as well as Halion 6. . I was not at all misinformed. I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase along with my objectives. I also have other vst libraries

Alan Russell

That’s great Alan! The most important thing is that you are satisfied with your purchase. HALion Sonic 3 offers a lot of possibilities, a great VST.

As Romantique_TP mentions, HALion 6 is more of a complete sampler to which multiple types of synthesis can be added or combined, so for library creators and sound designers, it’s the perfect tool, but not necessarily useful for everyone.

Perfectly stated and I thank you both!

I did the same thing and finally HAD to upgrade to Halion 6 to CLEAN UP my library. Once you start combining patches to layer…you get a LOT of dead layers. Those dead layers cannot be seen in HalionSonic…but they chew up CPU BIG TIME. Hopefully there is a deal on 7 that will let you upgrade to full Halion 7.