Purchased Pro 10.....now what..

Yesterday I purchased of an auction site a usb dongle holding a ,ice Neve for Cubase 10.

On my return home I downloaded and installed Cubase 10. The seller has shown me his deactivated his licence under his Steinberg account.

On opening Cubase there’s no issues. Everything is perfect and I’m loving the upgrade from elements 10.

In my elicencer software it shows me all licences held both now and previous.

However under my Steinberg account there’s no reference to Cubase Pro 10. Obviously should I wish to upgrade at some point this will be an issue.

Any idea why it’s not showing under my Steinberg acccount…


Have you registered it to your account (you don’t say you have)?

My understanding is that when you come to upgrade all you need is a valid license on the eLicenser which you say you have. Not having it listed in your account would, however, be a problem if you required support or if the eLicenser died and you wanted to take advantage of Steinberg’s Zero Downtime guarantee.

Many thanks for you reply

When I attempt to enter the licence redemption 25 digit number it tells me it’s already been registered. I was with the seller when he showed me his mysteinberg account and has deactivated the licence.

I’m unsure but I’m assuming you can’t run two usb liceneces on two different machines at the same time.


Just needed to,update the elicencer software. Once again thanks for your help

The previous owner needs to unregister it before you can register it.

Have registered the eLicenser dongle to your account?