Purchased Pro10 Crossgrade Download and USB e-licenser. Where's my USB stick?

I’ve not seen anything stating it’s been sent, nor any information at all about it. The USB-elicenser was automatically added to my purchase and paid for, so I assumed it would be sent. Been a week, still not any news.

Called Steinberg, got Asknets contact info.
Called Asknet, had to leave a message still waiting.
Right now I’m in a chat with Joel on the web, couldn’t be more useless its been 20 minutes since he said "Hi how can i help you? " and said nothing else since I typed in all my info. Several "Are you there Joel"s later he ended the chat.

So, first impression of Yamaha/Steinberg stinks. Anyone else buy the elicenser and crossgrade download and get their USB stick license in the mail yet?

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry for your experience. Unfortunately we cannot help you here on the public user forum.