Purchased upgrade to N8 but did not receive activation email

Hi admins, can you please help? On 31st May I purchased a Nuendo 8 upgrade from 6.5 from Steinberg, but i never received an email with a download link or activation code. I have lodged a ticket with Steinberg support (#180620) more than 3 days ago but have not had a single response. This is terrible customer service! All i need is to have my activation code email resent and a download link so i can actually use the software I purchased.

Any help would he appreciated!
Thanks, Pete.

You can find the activation code for your recently purchased Steinberg products here:

Click the Delivery status Download link to see both the activation key and the download link for Nuendo 8.

Thanks Romantique Tp for your quick response.
However, when I follow that link and try to log in with the email I used for my purchase, it tells me my login is invalid. Above the login area it says “You have been sent an e-mail that provides your account data (“Order Confirmation”).” - the problem being that i did not receive the order confirmation email.
If I follow the reset password link procedure it tells me “An error occurred. Please try again”. I seem to be stuck in a frustrating loop and cannot gain access to my account.
Why it’s just not linked directly to MySteinberg I don’t understand, I can log into that just fine.

There is definitely something wrong with the update purchase procedure.

I can log in to MySteinberg, but was unable to login in as an existing customer on the AskNet shop site. In the end I used a different email address and logged in as a new customer and bought the N8.2 update that way (which doesn’t make sense to me).

I was finally able to reset my password and gain access. The whole process seems unnecessarily convoluted, that the Shop, MySteinberg, and Forum all need different logins, and that the shop isn’t connected to MySteinberg / My Products.
Anyway… looking forward to getting reacquainted with Nuendo after a few years on Pro Tools.

I have not received my email with the activation link either. This makes me very cautious about buying a product from Steinberg. It looks like if I finally get it downloaded onto my computer, I’ll have to go through the same thing again every time there’s an update. I am disappointed to see that most topics I’m looking at do not have replies that solve the problem. Do software products have local distributors?

Can’t see a general problem here… this thread is over 3 years old… some things changed already…

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