Purchased V9, but errors with elicensor

Hey guys, I had Cubase 6.5 previously and recently purchased upgrade to v9. Iam having so many dramas getting Cubase to work. There seems to be some issues with the elicensor. I have contacted Steinberg support over the last three weeks to get this sorted, but they haven’t got back to me on how to rectify the problem. I assume the holiday periods are busy time for them, as they have only replied once over the duration of my 4 emails to them asking for help.

While I wait for them to get back to me, perhaps someone on the forum might be able to lend a hand. See images attached for the error messages Iam receiving. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of eLicenser?

Hey buddy, one of the error’s occur while updating the latest version. See IMG_0753.JPG

The only other things I could suggest are…
Uninstall and reinstall eLicenser control ceneter.
Try a different USb port.
Try a different computer.

Looks to me from your IMG_0753.JPG that you have successfully updated the eLC as it shows the latest version number. The error in that picture says it is to do with your license upgrade (To Cubase 9 presumably).

I agree with Jaslan in trying to uninstall the eLC and then re-install and also on a different PC if possible.

I assume you’ve already checked that your time/timezone settings are correct.

Also have you tried running the licenser as an Admin?