Purchasing an update using a different email address than the existing Steinberg ID

I have an account here, which also includes my licenses.
Now I would like to buy a Cubase update from 12 pro to 13 pro.
However, the payment is to be processed via my husband’s PayPal account or credit card, i.e. only the payment.
I am the invoice recipient and also the licensee.
In the online store, it is not clear whether the payer must always be the invoice recipient or licensee.
I would be grateful for clarification.

I am also confused by the fact that I do not see my customer number when ordering and paying.
This gives me the feeling that the system does not recognize me at this point.

Kind regards

Your old customer number from the old Asknet shop isn’t relevant any longer: we are now using a brand new shop provider (FastSpring), and your old customer number no longer applies.

When you make your purchase, you will receive a Download Access Code by email sent to the email address you provide during purchase, but the email address you use does not need to match the Steinberg ID email address of the licensee. Once you have your Download Access Code, you can sign in to that Steinberg ID account and redeem the Download Access Code there. I hope that helps.