Purchasing another license for same Cubase 10.5

Hi There,
I already bought the Cubase 10.5 and have the USB dongle to enable operate my software
is it possible to buy another license (with another USB E-Licenser) (same software Cubase 10.5) so that I can use at another house…
Note - I cannot take the USB E-license I currently have - I want another one…
I understand I have to buy another license but is there any discount if a user wants to buy a 2nd license?

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You cannot buy Cubase 10.5 anymore. The only available version is Cubase 12 now.

But if you update from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 12, it will be cheaper. And with Cubase 12 you can use your license up to 3 computers (seats). So the update solves what you are requesting and it’s cheaper. :wink:

thank you for the fast response
As I wrote I want to use another USB dongle in a separate computer,
So when you say “up to 3 computers”, you mean that I get 2 more dongles when upgrading to Cubase 12 ?

There is no discount (yet?) for multiple purchases

Cubase V12 doesn’t use the dongle any more - although lots of other Steinberg software does.

IF you are happy to use Cubase V12 then upgrade your 10.5 licence to V12 and you can use V12 on BOTH your computer at home and another one elsewhere.

Strictly speaking the licence agreement means that both computers should be ‘yours’ or that you should be using them. It is NOT the intention to allow people just to share their 3 licences.

if you fall into this category then an upgrade to C12 would solve your problem

If you MUST use 10.5 then the only option is a secondhand dongle from ebay or similar - that has a cubase 10.5 or 11 licence on it already.

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