Purchasing Cubase 12 due to Mac OS issue with Cubase 13

Dear Steinberg CS,
I intend to purchase Cubase 12 after deciding to use it. However, I read that it’s no longer for sale. I can’t buy Cubase 13 since my MacOS doesn’t support it ;( any solution to my dilemma before giving up on Cubase to go with other DAW?


Purchasing Cubase 13 allows you to install and run Cubase 12 as well, but no prior versions due to a change in Steinberg’s licensing model.


Noted with thanks…
So I just get the 13 and install the 12 instead?
Is the price the same as the 12 tho? I don’t remember

Look at the website for price. You can only buy the current version

Let’s say I now buy the ver13 but use it on Ver12. Will I have to pay for the upgrade if in the future I upgrade to ver13? Just need one confirmation please. Thanks

Since you will already have a Cubase 13 license, you can’t upgrade to Cubase 13 in the future.

In the future … if you wish to install and run 13, you can.

In the present … your Cubase 13 license will allow you to install and run 12.