Purchasing Cubase as a gift for someone

Title covers the what, the question is in regard to the how.

Can I purchase a Cubase license and just send him the download access code?

Thought was to have him register his own account with Steinberg to redeem the code. Would this be the best way to do this?

Hi. Or you send him the money, and he purchases and registers it himself?

Yes you can purchase for the active code, which will be sent to your email automatically.
Just forward that email for your friend and let he use the active code himself.


I thought this was the case but wanted to confirm.


Zato Ichi

However, the promo/free add-ons are only good for the main account holder, as I found out too late.

Not sure how this applies.

Here’s what I mean. I just added Cubase Elements to my cart. I’m not logged into my account and the checkout doesn’t require me to be. It does however ask for my email address, which I’ll presume is to send the download code.

I have told my friend to register an account, which he will do. I can either use his email when I purchase or use my own and forward the email with the redemption code to him. Not sure how any of this affect the premiums.

I have Pro, and already have the premiums. Just trying to set up a system for a friend who comes to the studio all the time. He’s watched me for so long, I think he’s ready to do this on his own.