Purchasing Dorico via crossgrade from Sibelius

I see that I could buy Dorico at cost of 279 € in terms of a crossgrade from Sibelius. Indeed I am using a licensed version of Sibelius 7. Does it mean that I could get a full version of Dorico at 279 € if I can prove that I have bought Sibelius ?

If the corssgrade is still available, yes.

Yes, that’s correct, Claude. The crossgrade is available until further notice. You can buy direct from the Steinberg online shop, in which case you should prepare a PDF of less than 2MB in size (use a site like this one to compress your PDF) containing proof of ownership of Sibelius, e.g. a sales receipt, or a screenshot of your About Sibelius dialog, etc., and you will be prompted to upload this as part of the purchase process; alternatively, you can buy from any Steinberg reseller, which may even be a little cheaper than buying from our online shop (resellers sometimes sell below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, while we will only ever sell at the SRP).

I have just downloaded the 30 day free trial and am very impressed, so I have decided I would like to buy it.

I am currently a (dissatisfied) Sibelius 8.3 user and I see that there is a generous discount for switching to Dorico, but it also says this is ‘time limited’.

For budgeting purposes, when is that ?

I don’t have the cash right now, but will have to arrange to sell a few family members etc, so it would be very useful to know what the deadline is ?

There is no current expiry date on the crossgrade offer, and although I cannot promise that we will never withdraw it, we will give people reasonable notice before we withdraw it. So there’s no great panic – and I hope we can welcome you into the Dorico family very soon.

OK thanks

Hi Daniel! I would like to know if it is possible to do Crosgrade from Sibelius 6 to Dorico 2.

I bought Sibelius 7 in 2013. Is the registration confirmation e-mail received from Avid License Control at that time sufficient proof of ownership?

That should be fine, given that all Sibelius 7 licences were perpetual.

Something must have changed since 2019. My Avid License Control was rejected by Steinberg and I had no luck trying to reapply.

Welcome to the forum, @40hogwash. Please send me via private message here on the forum the proof of eligibility you submitted, and I should be able to advise.

If I may add a question to this thread:
I have the older Sibelius 4+5 educational versions. Are they still eligible for a crossgrade? My cropped photo of the serial on the box was rejected (it’s also in German so may be confusing). Maybe I should send one with the whole box/cds etc visible?

Yes, any version of the full Sibelius product is eligible for the crossgrade. Please be sure to include your unique Sibelius serial number in the proof of eligibility that you submit for verification. If you have any problems on your second attempt, please let me know!