Purchasing Dorico


In several other posts regarding purchasing questions, you have referred to “our retailers” or other such descriptions for placing to buy Dorico. I completely understand that I can walk into a music shop and purchase Dorico if they are a Steinberg reseller.

What about those trying to utilize the cross-grade price? How will that be handled? Will those of us go directly through Steinberg? Or will we also go through retailers?

Just curious about the purchasing, and how one can expect it to happen.


Dorico will be available at four price points – full retail, educational, crossgrade, and educational crossgrade (which means that if you would be eligible for an educational price under Steinberg’s usual policy for educational customers, and you have an existing eligible Sibelius or Finale license, you can buy the crossgrade at an educational discount) – and all four SKUs will be available both from the Steinberg online shop and through our retailers.

Basically, if a retailer carries Cubase or WaveLab, they can carry Dorico, so if you have a preferred retailer, give them a call and make sure that they’re planning to stock Dorico when it’s released.