Purchasing Dorico

This may be a stupid question, but I found that sometimes what’s common sense doesn’t always work out that way.
I have the trial version (which has expired) on my system already. If I purchase Dorico, will I get an activations code in my email so that I can use my installed version?

Yes, that’s what I did. I let Dorico’s trial expire, and then used the purchase activation code.


To continue this thread with another question someone most likely can comment on…

What is the best practice (smoothest ride) for people wanting to purchase a boxed version (with included dongle) that have the program installed as a demo that has expired? Is there anything special to be considered?

No, I don’t think there’s anything special to consider. The only thing you will actually need from the boxed copy you receive is the activation code, which you’ll find printed on a card inside the box. You can disregard the DVDs, and you would only need the USB-eLicenser if you intend to move your Dorico license onto said USB-eLicenser.