Purchasing HS3 after trial

My Halion Sonic 3 trial is about to expire and just wondering about the route to take for purchasing.
Just need to make the license permanent and I have the eLicenser software installed for my purchased Elements 10.5.
I noticed that Halion 6 in the shop has an option to activate a permanent license after trial but Halion Sonic 3 is just a
download purchase or upgrade.
Any help appreciated.

If you don´t qualify for an update, use “Full Version”

Ok thanks. So it’s just a case of buying from the shop then entering the emailed activation code in eLicenser.
I already have the download.


That’s great, thanks.
It’s a little more expensive from the Steinberg shop than other stockists.
Would there be any benefit in buying direct?

I don´t think so.

Ok, thanks.