Put a track in index 0 of track 4 on a cd-audio

Hi Folks,

i need to write a DDP down with a track in index 0 of cd-track 4.
i know how to do it on track 1, but i dont got it for track 4. there are theese orange markers, but i dont know how to do it,or how they work exactly.
i did a service request 3 weeks ago, but no answer from anyone at steinberg support.
why i wanna know that in advance is: i have no cd recorder to test it nor cd player.



You mean, in the “pause area” before track 4 starts. Then use the “Audio in Pause” option.

Hi, i mean in sub index 0 of track 4
normally there can be many sub indexes, wich cd-players can skip to(if theyre able).
So there can be index 1 to 10 for a classical part wich has index 3 as ‘allegro’.
How does that work in Wavelab exactly?



If you speak about indexes that are not pause or track boundaries, also sometimes called “sub-index”, then use this dedicated marker type:



Check WaveLab manual as well…

regards S-EH