put an 'a/b' switch on the equalizer

until cubase, i’ve never seen an in-the-box equalizer w/o an ‘a/b’ switch. even the ‘steinberg studio eq’ has an a/b switch, and i must admit i a/b my changes a lot… it would be so helpful to have one on the strip eq. for example [just an idea, mind you] as in the picture below.

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    very helpful!


add an “Auto Gain” button (like Studio EQ plugin) !

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You know, I always forget to hit ‘B’ before I make an EQ move, then I have to drag the node back to approximately where I think it was, then hit ‘B’, then approximate where I think my new node was supposed to be. :laughing:

Further to your request, I wish there were some sort of option to prevent this. Like if I close the EQ. Open it, the first move I make automatically is stored in the next available slot. Better yet, how about an undo? Would be nice to copy from A to B, then undo on A (which of course undo should not include ‘copy from A to B’)

And 2 more bands for more flexibility may not be bad

i forgot about make-up gain. centralmusic had a good idea w/the ‘autogain’, but even a standard manual gain knob would be welcome. i wonder why it isn’t there ?