Put New Things On Top of Hub Feed PLEASE (how it used to be)

So in the ‘news feed’ for the Hub, it used to be that the actual ‘new’ info would appear at the top of the list… Now, for some reason, everything seems to be like stuck in one spot. This makes it so annoying and not intuitive at all when there is a new update. I used to always see when there was a new update; this time the only reason I knew there was an update was because I happen to come onto the forum and see the post on it. Not only is the new update not on the top of the list; updates, which is arguable the MOST important info to show on the ‘news’ feed in the hub, is at the BOTTOM of the list. That’s really stupid.

Can you please return the Hub’s news feed to showing new things on top so it’s intuitive and easy to spot new updates? Or if not that, then can you at least have an option for a popup to show when there are new updates on startup?